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Tecnoma Sprayers

Tecnoma are a long established French sprayer manufacturer supplying a vast range of self propelled, trailed, mounted and also specialist orchard sprayers to the UK market.





Tecnoma Laser FC Self Propelled
The Laser FC is Tecnoma’s self propelled with a height adjustable front cab. Tank sizes available are 3200, 4300 and 5200 litres. Boom widths ranging from 24 metres to 42 metres.




Tecnoma Tecnis Trailed
The Tecnis trailed sprayer is available in tank sizes ranging from 3100 litres to 6000 litres, with boom widths of 24 metres to 42 metres.




Tecnoma Maxis Mounted
Available in tank sizes of 1200 litres to 1600 litres the Maxis has a boom width from 20 metres to 28 metres and can be rear folding or lateral folding.




Tecnoma Xenis Mounted
A mounted sprayer available in tank size of 800, 1000 and 1200 litres with boom widths ranging from 12 metres to 21 metres which can be rear or lateral folding.