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Horsch Sprayers

Horsch supply self propelled and trailed sprayers to the UK, with the most popular models being the Horsch PT280 self propelled sprayer, the Horsch Leeb GS trailed sprayer and the Horsch Leeb LT sprayer.

Horsch PT 280 self-propelled sprayer

The PT280 has an 8000 litre tank and boom widths ranging from 21 metres to 36 metres. With a 25cm nozzle spacing the target area distance is reduced to an optimum.

Horsch has updated its self-propelled sprayer with new features to keep it ahead of the competition and meet strict new emissions standards. A 285hp/210 KW Mercedes engine now powers the new Leeb PT 280 sprayer providing a 15hp power increase over the PT 270, which it replaces.

The new 7.7 litre 6-cylinder turbo engine uses Mercedes’ latest AdBlue technology to meet the Tier 4 requirements. The radiator is now mounted horizontally and the radiator fan is now hydraulically driven and not dependent directly on engine speed. Due to customers’ requests, the road speed has also been increased to 50kph.

The PT 280 continues with a proven hydrostatically stepless-hydroshift gear unit and mechanical axis drive, instead of hydraulics motors, for better traction in hilly terrain. The award-winning BoomControl Pro system, close nozzle spacing, pneumatic nozzle control and an advanced cleaning system complete an impressive package.





Horsch Leeb GS Trailed Sprayer
The Leeb GS has a stainless steel tank available in tank sizes of 6000, 7000, and 8000 litres.
Boom widths ranging from 21 metres to 42 metres.




Horsch Leeb LT Trailed Sprayer
The new Leeb LT has a modern plastic tank and is available with a 4000 or 5000 litre tank.
Boom widths ranging from 21 metres to 42 metres.

Horsch BoomControl Pro
The advanced BoomControl Pro system offers an exact positioning of the boom, keeping it very close to the target area even at higher speeds and on hilly terrain. Developed in-house by Horsch, BoomControl Pro uses two fast acting air rams working in opposition to deliver very smooth boom movement. Gyros and boom-mounted sensors feed data back to an advanced proportional control system that counteracts virtually all yaw and roll.

Fitted to Leeb trailed and self-propelled sprayers, the system won the LAMMA 2015 top award, Best New Product or Innovation, as well as the Best New Product of Innovation (Mechanical – Crop Production Equipment) category.